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Webinar Challenges and Career Opportunities for Prospective Alumni and Milineal Generation Alumni in the New Normal Era

  • 17 Jun 2020
  • Berita Kampus

Masa pandemi... Masa transisi... Masa new normal...  Perubahan demi perubahan terjadi...  Resiliensi ditingkatkan... termasuk dalam melihat peluang karir dan menyiapkan diri memasuki Dunia Usaha dan Dunia Industri...

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UWP Social Service with Bank Jatim

  • 13 Jun 2020
  • Berita Kampus

Wijaya Putra University is known as a college that emphasizes multiculturalism values ​​in harmony. The condition is shown by the diversity of ethnic groups and ethnicities of the academic community at the UWP campus who make emotionally friendly interactions on their social lives. Moreover, at the time of the Covid 19 pandemic this emotional bond with mutual assistance for those affected was a testament to the implementation of harmonious multiculturalism values. Hopefully, the basic food assistance from UWP and Bank Jatim can ease the burden of UWP students who come from NTT and NTB during the Covid 19 pandemic.