• History of Wijaya Putra University

Meaning of Symbol of Wijaya Putra's University

  1. The rectangles that make up the emblem are the embodiment of the ideals of the 1945 Proclamation which contained the practice and defender of the Pancasila;
  2. The yellow gold base symbolizes the meaning of grandeur;
  3. The outer circle with the writing of Wijaya Putra University, symbolizes the determination of Wijaya Putra University to empower and improve the quality of human resources;
  4. The inner circle in the middle is black symbolizes a world full of mystery and knowledge;
  5. In the midst of the mysteries of nature, the flower of Wijaya Kusuma flower symbolizes life for mankind;
  6. In the middle of the flower petals, three flower pistils and five pistils develop, symbolizing the development of the faculty;
  7. Above the flower scattered with silver light forms seven pieces of light serrations that symbolize the chakra of the ultimate weapon of supremacy;
  8. Seven pieces of chakra gear are symbols of Sapta Prasetya, Wijaya Putra University student.