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Speech from The Rector of Wijaya Putra University

Today's developments and advancements in the field of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) require all organizations including higher education organizations to elaborate all their potential through cyberspace. This is because communication through cyberspace takes place faster than conventional communication, even if the parties that communicate are in different geographical areas.

Responding to this Wijaya Putra UNiversity (UWP) as one of the universities in Surabaya that had the dream of becoming a Large and Quality College initiated the formation of a portal. The UWP portal itself is intended as an effort to develop and communicate all UWP potential so that it can be quickly and accurately enjoyed by the academic community and the people who need information about the UWP. In addition, this portal is also intended to replace the UWP Web which it feels is no longer able to meet organizational needs, both as a vehicle for information and as a means of learning and actualization for lecturers and students both in terms of academics and creativity.

The development of the UWP Portal is an implementation of the new motto "Modern Campus With Entrepreneurship value" where future constructive efforts must be realized towards a modern campus through the optimal use of ICT as a foundation for organizational development. The UWP portal is not only oriented as a vehicle for information, but also oriented to facilities and infrastructure in the process of ICT-based learning.

The UWP portal is designed with the concept of "One Stop Searching" which is a demand of the community related to openness (transparency) and organizational linkages mainly related to academic records, links with authorities (DIKTI, Kopertis, BAN), network of providers of teaching materials (e- journal) and online learning that will continue to be developed.

That’all, enjoy the communicating and interacting to get the success and rich the dreams. Hopefully this portal can share valuable benefit