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Webinar Nasional Steps To Analyze Qualitative Data

  • 18 Nov 2020
  • Berita Kampus

In order to harmonize the implementation of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education, comprehensive skills are needed, one of which is updating research skills. In addition, lecturers are also required to publish scientific articles from research in journals that have a trusted index. In order to sharpen the discussion and findings in published articles, lecturers should upgrade their data analysis skills. One of the activities that can hone the skills of the academy is a seminar and because it is currently in a pandemic period this seminar is held online. This seminar was held on Wednesday, 18 November 2020. In this webinar discussing more about how to analyze data with Prof. Dr. Susanto, M.Pd, a Professor from Wijaya Putra University. With the title Steps to Analyze Qualitative data, this webinar was successful and interactive, with many questions raised by the participants. This webinar is held online which begins with the remarks from the Rector of Wijaya Putra University as the webinar organizer and runs for more than three hours. Webinar participants are academics among Lecturers, Researchers, Teachers, Students from educational institutions both from schools and from state and private universities from various regions in Indonesia such as the City of Surabaya, Gresik, Sidoarjo, Pasuruan, Malang, Cirebon, Madura, Riau, Makassar, Bitung, Ambon, Polopo, Kupang, Samarinda, Bandung, Ambon, and other cities in the archipelago. Apart from Wijaya Putra University as the organizer of this activity, there are three campuses that support the success of this event and as co-hosts namely Muhammadiyah University of Makassar, STKIP Bangkalan and Nahdatul Ulama University Sidoarjo.