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National Webinars & Call for Papers on the Role of Women as Economic Heroes in the Pandemic Era

  • 10 Jun 2021
  • Berita Kampus

The role of women in the economic sector, especially in improving the family economy, is very large during the Covid-19 pandemic. Especially with the current lifestyle shift from manual to digital, it is expected to be an opportunity for women to help the family economy.

Encouraged by the above conditions, the GESI Study Center of Wijaya Putra Univ will hold a National Webinar & Call For Paper with the theme "The Role of Women as Economic Heroes in the Era of a Pandemic" which will be held on:
Date : August 14, 2021
09.00 - finish
Registration: https://s.id/RegGESI
submit articles: https://s.id/OJSGESI

Registration and submission of the last full paper on July 31, 2021.

Please register soon, because places are LIMITED. With resource persons who are competent in their fields.
Keynote speakers:
- Mayor of Surabaya
  Ery Cahyadi, ST, MT.
- Chairman of ASWGI
  Prof. Dr. Emy Susanti, MA.

1. Dr. Ali Mahsun Atmo, M. Biomed (Chairman of DPP AKLI)
2. Dr. Sri Juni Woro Astuti, M.Com (Chairman of PS GIS UWP)

Moderator: Dr. Sayekti Suindyah D., SE, MM ( Secretary of PS GIS UWP)

Participant Contribution:
Speaker : Rp. 150,000
Participants : Rp. 100,000
(includes proceedings and e-certificate), opportunity for publication in the Sinta Journal 3-6 for selected articles.
BNI Account Transker a.n Sri Juni Woro A No. rec. : 0563121071

Selected articles will be published in the following Accredited Journals:
1. Journal of Agrotechnology: Journal of Agrotechnology and Agribusiness (Sinta 3)
2. Scientific Journal of Production Engineering and Management “TEKMAPRO” (Sinta 3)
3. Journal of Widya Cipta (Sinta 4)
4. Monetary Journal (Sinta 4)
5. Business law journal Bonum Commune (Sinta 4)
6. Scientific Journal of Business Administration and Innovation (JIABI) (Sinta 5)
7. Scientific Journal of Public Management and Social Policy (Sinta 5)
8. Orbit Journal (Sinta 5)
9. Perspective Journal (BSI) (Sinta 5)
10. Mahardika Media Journal (Sinta 5)
11. Balibang Journal of East Java Provincial Government (Sinta 5)
12. Scientific Journal of Information Technology (ASIA) (Sinta 4)

️ Contact Person:
1.Arini 081357350205
2. Isnaini 085334951225