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Designing New UWP Normal Learning Concepts

  • 27 May 2020
  • Berita Kampus

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic is truly remarkable, one of which is that educational institutions must transform face-to-face learning methods into online learning. Rector of the University of Wijaya Putra Budi Endarto, in a meeting held by the Rectorate, Faculties and Bureaus on Mey 27, 2020 through the zoom application said that higher education is now experiencing changes and there is a need to design learning concepts to face the new normal. For this reason, UWP is required to redesign strategic policies from the academic fields of learning, administration, selection of new student admissions and conducting research and community services. This change is so sudden that there is no preparation in the transition of academic activities, especially teaching and learning. But actually since 2012 until now UWP has an integrated academic system so that lecturers and students have no difficulty in carrying out online learning. With this new normal learning, it is expected that the learning process will be more flexible, efficient, and effective and academic services do not need to come to campus because it has been facilitated with an integrated information system for lecturer and student services.